Screams of Silence

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Screams of Silence is a Daria/Silent Hill crossover by Jim North.

Daria Morgendorffer sets off from Lawndale to Raft College but is detoured through Silent Hill. Soon she's in a vicious fight for survival and to retain her sanity, as she faces something worse than monsters: the necessity of dealing with her own trauma. But what is in her past that she needs to face?

The story won Favorite Post-Canon and Favorite Horror in the 2011 Daria Fanworks Awards.

As part of the crossover, North gave the fanfic several alternative endings as happens in the Silent Hill games: the Bad Ending, the Worst Ending, the Best Ending, and the gag UFO Ending (with Artie).

The story was written in first person. When originally serialising it on PPMB, North said this was partly due to first-person's effectiveness at conveying isolation and partly as the games "are basically first person narratives anyway. The main characters typically narrate their physical actions and their mental motivations over the course of the games."

(Due to some of the scenes of horror, this is an 'R-rated' series.)

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