Self-Esteem Class

The Self-Esteem Class is one of the extra classes held in Lawndale High. It makes its first and only appearance in the first episode, "Esteemsters".

General Edit

The attendance of this class is decided either by psychologist Margaret Manson or Principal Angela Li. In Daria and Shaggy's cases, they were put in it after 'failing' a mandatory psychological assessment every new student had to have with Manson.

It is taught by English teacher Timothy O'Neill, and by "taught" we mean he reads out memorised speeches and assigns the same homework over and over. At least another female teacher is involved, as the class is said to be divided into groups by gender for one session to discuss gender-specific esteem issues.

Jane Lane attended it six times, apparently just to kill time during the afternoon.

Known attendants Edit

Students that have taken the class include:

In Fanfiction Edit

Self-esteem class is best known in Daria fandom for being the setting where Daria and Jane first meet and start their friendship, which becomes one of the main themes of the show. Thus, despite only appearing once in the show, this class has been featured in multiple fanfiction stories and where it does not appear in an alternate universe, its absence is indicated as significant.