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Sleepwalker is a horror fanfic by Jim North, with a sequel. (Due to scenes of gory violence, this is an 'R-rated' series.)

Much of Lawndale High goes on a field trip (so Angela Li can launder the money), with a stopover at the small town of Erbie. But when night falls, a supernatural entity emerges from nightmares and starts to stalk the cast - and a violent, doomed fight for survival begins. No one is safe.

A sequel, Endless Nights, was written about the aftermath of the massacre but no more has happened since then.

When it was originally serialised Paperpusher's Message Board, readers seized on a description of the killer's "goggle-liked eyes" and started calling him the Goggle-Eyed Man in replies, which became the character's name in the story as well. The basic description was then used in "God Save The Esteem" for Stacy Rowe's superhero costume as an in-joke.

Sleepwalker won Favorite Overall (Written) and Favorite Horror in the 2010 Daria Fanworks Awards.

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