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The Butt-Files is a 1997 book written by Greg Grabianski and Aimee Keillor as part of the Beavis and Butt-head canon. It is currently out of print. This is Daria's only other in-person appearance in the Beavis and Butt-head books; her first appearance was in "This Book Sucks". The book was included as part of the 2005 omnibus volume "Reading Sucks".

Daria References[edit]

Butt-Head's secret unveiled

Daria Morgendorffer notably appears twice in this book, once in a fantasy, and the other in an alternate universe.

First, she is shown as the subject of a wet dream of Butt-Head's, dressed as a dominatrix and with a whip ready to deploy. Butt-head has a mix of fear and "whoa!" on his face. (Fans tend to cut the "Butt-head dreaming" part out when passing that image around...)

Later in the book, Daria appears in B&B's version of The Twilight Zone. Being the opposite of her usual character (as are all the characters in this parody), Daria comes across as a trashy, slutty, chain smoker with a line in B&B-esque chuckles.

From the POV of Daria fandom, there are two points of interest outside of fanservice. The first is that Butt-head either has a subconscious crush on Daria or, if you view it as a nightmare he's having, subconscious worry about her (or both); either interpretation may prompt a rethink of their previous episodes together. The second is this is one of Daria's last appearances in Beavis and Butt-head canon, and crucially it was an appearance she was making after Daria's first season had already aired ( lists the original release date of the book as August 1). For a brief period, Daria was being targeted at completely different audiences in different products, and as a different character: while she stars in her own show as the underdog foil who mocks the stupid, in these scenes she's a tertiary character who is the one being mocked.

In fanfiction[edit]

"Beavis 2.0" by Roentgen