The Other Story of D

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The other story of D is a daria fanfiction story by The Angst Guy, written in the script format.

The story is written in canon, taking place shortly after Is It College Yet?, during the summer when Daria is preparing for college. It is formed by a story-within-the-story. The title comes from the title of the episode 505, The Story of D.

Plot Summary[edit]

Daria and Jane are at the Morgendorffer's, Daria writting and Jane reading and commenting some of his friend's stories. When Jane starts reading from a folder called "The other story", Daria is suddenly frightened and very upset and leaves the room.

Daria's story

Some years after having graduated high school, Daria Morgendorffer and her baby girl visit Helen. In conversation with her mother, it is revealed that she is in tight economical situation, separated from her husband and trying to get a divorce and allimony. On top of that, her own daughter won't even breastfeed from her. She politely refuses Helen's offers of help.

At the same time, Quinn drops by to visit her mother, having ride a limusine with driver and bodyguards. It is revealed that, contrary to her sister, she is a multimilionnaire and the owner a hugely successfully company of beauty products and that she is selling it now to cash in and enjoy life.

Quinn greets her mother warmly but has a very cold attitude to her sister, first politely greeting but after starting to taunt her for Daria's failed life, as payback for the times Daria had made her feel stupid. Quinn pointedly notes that Daria doesn't even have any friends, having lost Jane after the betrayal with Tom (Dye! Dye! My Darling) and never having gone past that.

Daria flees the house to escape Quinn's rant, breaking down in tears in her car while begging her baby girl to stop crying, calling her Jane.

End of Daria's story

Back at the present time, Jane finds Daria in the kitchen and they talk. Very ill at ease, Daria reveals that she had written the story right after her first break-up with Tom (Is It Fall Yet?). Jane analyses the story outloud, commenting Daria had made a very severe self-critique (using Quinn to deliver it) and that, looking back, Jane had realised she had shun Daria off when dating Tom and had taken a long time to understand that Daria had needed their friendship more than Jane had.

Jane then embarrasses Daria by making her addmit that she feels attracted to boys like everybody, but immediately makes up to it by telling her she that she loved the story, the fact she had nammed her daughter after her, and that she, Jane, loves Daria and that she'll always be her best friend.

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