Thor's Hammer

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The source of the extinction level event in Daria AE. Thor's Hammer (a dwarf planet with a length of nearly 3,000 miles, a width of over 1,000 miles, a composition of nickel, iron, and granite, and a speed of over 70,000 mph) had been traveling through deep space when it was ensnared by the gravity of Sol and was set on a collision course with Earth.

A special deep-space probe was dispatched to Thor’s Hammer with several thousand megatons of nuclear firepower in an attempt to destroy it or push it off course. The mission failed.

The gravity field of Thor's Hammer had ensnared several hundred smaller asteroids (some reported to be the size of major cities) which had reached and impacted Earth before the arrival of Thor's Hammer, Many of these larger fragments were capable of inducing extinction-level events in their own right.

Visual records from the Armstrong Research Station show that Thor's Hammer arrival occurred in the Western Hemisphere of the planet, at night, with the primary point of impact in the southern Atlantic Ocean. This resulted in the total destruction of the Earth and the Moon, which was obliterated by Terran debris and assimilated into the resultant asteroid field.