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Lord Goring in their natural habitat

Lord Goring is a terrestrial creature native to the Russian Arctic currently residing in Moscow. They have joined the human race in 1998. They may be living proof that communists, Martians and love gods are the same. Upon finishing high school, Lord Goring enrolled in one of the most prestigious universities of Russia. Using their innate charisma, they invaded the student government of said university in their junior year. To this date, Lord Goring has never lost an election.

When approached with a camera, they do a slav squat. Their charisma is so overpowering that other people are also compelled to do slav squats for the camera.

Lord Goring is a big fan of Oscar Wilde, which is why they have taken Lord Goring as a nickname. It is the name of one of the lead characters from the play The Ideal Husband.