Van Scyoc Fitness Center

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First seen in the Legion of Lawndale Heroes Special Division I Recruiting, the Van Scyoc Fitness Center is the main athletics and fitness center on the USAES campus. It is a 300,000 square foot facility located in the northeast section of the campus, within walking distance of the USAES Residence Halls. It houses a wide array of facilities and fitness equipment (capable of extended use by cadets with normal, enhanced and extraordinary physical attributes).

Built in the mid 1990's, the VSFC has a wide array of areas for numerous activities, including several basketball/volleyball courts, three swimming pools (including two Olympic-sized pools - one with a 40-foot-deep diving well), two indoor walking/jogging tracks, racquetball and squash courts, fitness and cardio-workout areas, and five weight rooms (one with workout machines and weights for individuals with greater than normal human physical attributes, and one with specially-designed machines and areas for individuals with up to Daxamite physical attributes; those rooms also possess extreme reinforcement of the area, emergency anti-gravity systems, and have emergency medical personnel on-site during hours of operation). In addition, the VSFC has a number of dance studios and multi-purpose rooms for athletics and fitness-related classes; those rooms may also be reserved for cadet use for approved activities.

Cadets (current and former cadets who have left the Academy under positive circumstances), faculty members, active-duty service members, family members of those above and guests of cadets are allowed to use the facilities of the VSFC for no charge.

Contrary to popular belief, the VSFC was not built to replace the Evinhuis Gymnasium (located over on the USAES Old Campus), as all exhibition basketball games are played at the latter location. The VSFC facilities are offered to local educational institutions for tournaments and special charity events.