Wizard Computers

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Wizard Computers was featured in the episode Prize Fighters. It ran the scholarship program, the Wizard Foundation, which was the focus of the episode. Among other things, they do surveillance software.

It is a stereotypical "evil corporation," fronted by "redneck billionaire" Mark Straum, bringing to mind H. Ross Perot's software and services firm, Electronic Data Systems, notorious for its authoritarian corporate culture when Perot ran it.

Wizard is known for extremely dinosaurian hiring policies, rarely taking on women and ethnic minorities. Tom Sloane also refers it doing mass layoffs of workers.

Tom Sloane has expressed contempt for the company and called it "evil". Andrew Landon expressed amusement at how backward their policies and CEO were, but believed somebody in the company must want to reform it or they wouldn't be running a scholarship program.

Somehow, the people running Wizard Foundation mistook a deliberately acerbic attack on them by Daria as a "light-hearted spoof".

Wizard Computers in fanfic[edit]

In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes universe, Wizard Computers was founded by Russell Stark (who would go on to be the founder and primary source of funding for the Legion, as well as the inspiration for The Alliance), and Bill Brower (who bought Stark out for an undisclosed amount, but is rumored to be in the tens of billions of dollars). Category: