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"Quinn Got in the Car" is what it says on the tin. The premise is "What if Quinn had gotten in Tom's car instead of Daria during 'DDMD'?" Tom sees girls as largely interchangeable. He'd just as easily have kissed Quinn if she presented the opportunity. It would be a long rewrite of the final season that would result in Link becoming a foster child of the Morgendorfer family since Daria doesn't ignore him in favor of moping over her boyfriend taking her for granted.

Lady Evil,

What if Quinn had gotten in Tom's car instead of Daria during 'DDMD'? A story by Lady Evil. The continuum of stories following this story has also been called Quinn Got In The Car series by the author and is the winner of Favorite Series award of 2020 Daria Fanworks Awards. The series is an AU of Season 5 of Daria, with the point of divergence from canon being the fact that Tom kissed Quinn instead of Daria in Dye! Dye! My Darling. It also features Lady Evil's original characters Vixx Vinyl and Ollie Sloane and introduces other characters, some original, some crossed over. In this series, Jane has a crush on Jesse and acts tsundere towards him, Tom dumps Quinn for Sandi, and Link gets adopted by the Morgendorffers.

Sloane family tree in Quinn Got In The Car Series

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