86 Bottles of Beer

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86 Bottles of Beer is a Daria/Get Smart crossover series by Kristen Bealer, with Kevin Thompson in the role as the hapless Agent 86 of CONTROL. Various Daria characters have turned up as both CONTROL agents and KAOS baddies.

  • Do I Have to Paint You a Picture?: Kevin Thompson, CONTROL Agent 86, is on the case when several famous paintings go missing. With the help of his new partner, Agent 99, he's ready to take on whatever KAOS can throw at him--including paintballs and art supplies.
  • The Weed of Crime Bears Glitter Fruit: CONTROL faces a new challenge when KAOS begins drugging the population with hallucinogenic fruit. Will Agents 86 and 99 be able to stop them with some help from a mechanical chipmunk?
  • All Creatures Great and Maul: CONTROL is under attack by cute little animals, but Agents 86 and 99 are ready to do whatever it takes to stop KAOS. Even if it means singing another forty verses of "If You're Happy and You Know It."
  • I Spy, with My Extra Eye: "People have started showing up with deformed facial features, but CONTROL agents Kevin Thompson and 99 are on the case. They'll have to prevent the next victim from going under the knife, with some help from the Cashman's cosmetics section as well as backup from a most annoying source."