A Home at Summer’s End

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A story written by Richard Lobinske and set in the Falling Into College continuum, A Home at Summer's End is a fic inspired by an Iron Chef challenge from The Angst Guy to write a Halloween-themed Daria fan fiction.


The fic is written as a version of Falling Into College #32: Bump in the Night, but told from the point-of-view of Bump. We see Bump as a young, homeless animal struggling to survive on the dangerous streets of Boston after the death of her sister, the last member of her family (her mother, two sisters and a brother). Through a series of circumstances, Bump makes her way to Raft University and into the Exhibit Hall, where she sees humans tossing food at one another. Deciding to 'adopt a human' so that she can be safe, Bump dispatches a rat to present it as a gift, and upon approaching the humans, feels a connection towards one of them... Daria. The fic concludes with Bump relaxing in Daria's arms, her touch reminding Bump of the way she felt being with her mother.


  • Like his out-of-continuity fic Claim Check, A Home at Summer's End involves an auto accident(possibly) involving a red car. There was some speculation on PPMB if the driver of the car was in fact Amy Barksdale - Daria's aunt.