A post-canon Daria fic written by Brother Grimace that focuses on Brittany, Kevin, and Mack.

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Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Mack, who's a promising football player in college, comes back to Lawndale for the summer and meets Brittany at Pizza King. They talk and admit that they have always had feelings for each other, but Mack has never acted on those feelings because he considers Kevin to be like a brother to him. They realize, however, that they have to do things for them to be happy as well, and become a couple.

Kevin, watching from the cooking area (he works as a Pizza King cook), experienced bittersweet feelings as he watches Mack and Brittany embrace; he's sad that his time with Brittany is over, but okay with the fact that his friends are going to be together and happy.

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