Crusts of Pizza

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Crusts of Pizza is Brother Grimace's bittersweet sequel to his fic "A Slice of Pizza," and set six months after the events in that story.

Winner of "Favorite Post-Is It College Yet?" story in the 3rd Daria Fanworks Awards.

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Plot Summary[edit]

Brittany, now in a relationship with Mack, goes to Pizza King during her break from Great Prairie State University over the Christmas holiday and accidentally meets up with Kevin, who works there. A slightly awkward conversation ensues, where Kevin and Brittany both realize that they've grown apart and have moved on . . . and that part of both of them that is sad for that.

Brittany has left the cheerleading squad at Great Prairie State, and has become involved with the university's student-run television station as a writer for the channel's student-produced soap opera, where she has developed a reputation as a competent writer. Kevin reveals that he is soon to leave his job at Pizza King for vocational school classes, will begin work as a contractor with his father in the spring, and is also dating a member of the band known as The Harpies, who treats him well. They part sadly, but on good terms.

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