Abruptly Amy: A New Beginning

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Abruptly Amy: A New Beginning is a fanfic by Kara Wild, written in spring of 2000.


The "pilot" episode for the Abruptly Amy series, it tells of how Special Agent Amy Barksdale gets in trouble with the mob and has to go into hiding. She goes home to her mother and resentful sister to help run the family bakery... but trouble soon follows.


Kara Wild felt burnt out writing the Driven Wild Universe series and was itching to write something fun and different. Having wanted to skewer the "Saint Amy" image for a long time, and having been inspired by the Adelman brothers' Daria the Movie, Wild decided to write a spinoff show starring Daria's aunt Amy. The twist was that it wasn't a good spinoff, but a failed spinoff, falling prey to every bad television cliche.

Wild wrote the pilot episode, then the "making of" special, In Search of Amy. She also asked a wide variety of fan artists to contribute "screen captures" (including Milo Minderbinder, who would later become a prominent participant in the series), and Mike Quinn to write a Delayed Reaction Review as though he had seen the episode live. This was all eventually cobbled together into a "package" known as Abruptly Amy (the Spinoff That Never Was), which premiered a little over a year after Rose-Colored Lenses.

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