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A fictional character in the ongoing Legion of Lawndale Heroes fanfic series, Alison Taylor Cockrum is a Cadet Third Class in the Elite Academy at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies at Evansville, Indiana, as well as a multi-year member of the the Phantom Eagles. With a perfect 4.0 GPA and several major academics awards, Alison is a double major in mathematics and mechanical engineering; because of this (and despite her powers), Alison is in the USAES Advanced Cybernetics, Mechanics and Electronics Program, or ACME. As a Cadet Third Class, Alison is currently in her 'internship year' - the one-year off-campus period where USAES cadets are placed in accelerated or specialized training programs (such as flight school), sent on extended-duration duties to locations and duties that are impossible for standard cadets to accomplish,


Electromagnetic Generation and Control: Alison possesses similar magnetic abilities to those of Jane Lane, but at slightly lower levels (she is listed at Class Three (extreme) on the active tiers of the Claremont-Byrne power scale). She can:

  • generate magnetic forces and manipulate already-existing magnetic fields in order to manipulate ferrous objects. She can also manipulate non-ferrous objects at a slightly lower power manner. Her control is so absolute that she can use her abilities at full power without disrupting electric fields or technology/devices sensitive to EM fields.
  • fly at high speeds without use of flight devices. Alison has been recorded at sustained speeds of Mach 2 (or limited bursts up to Mach 4), and can reach heights of over 100 miles into the atmosphere (where her energy shields can sustain her for limited periods without breathing devices; see 'Equipment').
  • create magnetic force-fields that can resist even the point-blank detonation of a high-yield tactical nuclear warhead, the rigors of outer space or extreme ocean depths (up to just below two miles deep).
  • generate plasma blasts of concussive force, with side-effects of heat and light. She can also generate light, heat and electrical bursts at lower intensities than her plasma blasts.
  • disable electrical devices with an electromagnetic field. She can only affect things in a two-mile sphere around her, and the effect is temporary (up to one hour before her field dissipates. Alison can only use this ability once every twelve hours.
  • temporarily disable electrical devices with a field that inhibits movement and generation of electrical forces. This field, when active, can also inhibit telepathic communication or even negate it completely for low-power telepaths for up to one hour (before the field dissipates). Alison can generate this field over a 250-mile maximum radius. Like her EM field, Alison can only use this ability once every twelve hours.
  • manipulate or generate gravity to a limited extent. She can levitate immense weights by releasing the force of gravity upon the object, or 'anchor' them to a spot by increasing the gravity fields about them (without causing harm to the objects; this means that Alison can restrain living beings without harming them).

Enhanced Physical Attributes: Alison's metahuman enhancements provide her with boosted physical capabilities. She can:

  • lift up to eight hundred pounds (and up to three hundred pounds with no effort).
  • Fight as well as persons with formal combat or martial-arts training (before using her own training).
  • possesses agility and stamina equal to a professional gymnast.
  • lift up to eight hundred pounds (and up to three hundred pounds with no effort).

Enhanced Physical Attractiveness: Alison possesses enhanced physical attractiveness at a substantially-elevated level than the norm. This not only includes enhanced physical beauty and enhancement of the physical form, but a substantially-lowered resistance to the rigors of the aging process (which means retention of appearance and physical capability, even in advanced age) and confers a moderate level of accelerated healing ability.

This was the first of Alison's abilities to manifest itself; she was an unusually attractive child at birth and that continued until age eleven, when she began puberty, manifested her other abilities and her E.P.A. manifested to full effect - instantly gaining her unwanted attention from all sides. (This was also a major reason behind Alison's eagerness to attend USAES, as she learned there were many others like her, and people would not leer and drool over her even though she was still a 'tween', or act in a hateful or jealous manner because of something that was not her fault - only of their own insecurities.) Alison is ranked as a 4 on the passive tier of the Byrne/Claremont power scale (which goes from 1 to 6), which means that she is easily one of the singularly most beautiful woman that the average person will ever see in their lives.

Enhanced Intellectual Capabilities: Alison also possesses an enhanced intellect, which allows her to demonstrate a profound grasp and knowledge of a range of subjects. Due to her metahuman intellect, she is one of the most intelligent cadets currently attending USAES, and the only reason that she does not currently possess any collegiate degrees is because USAES policy is to focus on academic, physical, social and metahuman ability development equally, so as to help cadets more easily adjust for life in society after their time at USAES (in other words - no skipped grades). Nevertheless, it is an accepted fact that after USAES, Alison will easily receive several advanced degrees (including doctorates in mathematics and engineering) because of the academic work she's already completed.

Background and Skills[edit]

Alison is exactly 5' in height, weighs 105 pounds and is in exceedingly good shape (as befits a Phantom Eagle). She has a 36DD bra size, which raises eyebrows when persons first meet her; she has occasionally considered surgery to reduce the size of her breasts (she has actively worked to stay in good shape, as it reduces the stress of her ample bosom upon the rest of her body). She has whitish-blonde hair that she wears in a considerably long, heavy plait and very large, cerulean-blue eyes with visible gold flecks in the iris (a tell-tale sign of enhanced physical attractiveness). Alison is considered very attractive but for some reason, very unapproachable; the irony is that she is a very friendly and pleasant young woman who simply loves to learn.

Alison is an excellent (and voracious) tennis player, an active member of the Evansville, Indiana chapter of MENSA (with a recorded IQ of 170), and is a practitioner of the Afro-Brazilian martial art form known as Capoeira (to be exact, the combat-oriented form known as Capoeira Regional), which she has studied since age twelve (upon arriving at USAES). Alison has also trained extensively with short swords and long knives; she prefers bolo knives and rapiers, and she has focused her firearms training on shotguns.

Alison has already declared her intention to join DELPHI as a member of the P.O.G.O. teams, which she officially did during her second year in the Elite Academy. However, the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Space Force, DARPA and several other agencies have focused intense efforts to recruit her. After the events of The Arrival and the revelation of the Ringbearers, as well as the reveal that the United States has ships capable of interstellar travel, Alison has begun to show heightened interest in the U.S. Space Force.

Alison was born and raised in the town of Olathe, Kansas, where her mother is a three-term Republican member of the U.S. House Representatives. She has a fraternal twin sister, Autumn, who possesses the same enhanced intellect, physical abilities and physical attractiveness that Alison does (but no active powers). Autumn is in her second year of post-graduate study at Cambridge University.

Alison also seems to have struck up a friendship with Jane Lane and Quinn Morgendorffer.


As with several other current and former USAES cadets with similar shield powers (such as Lindy Lomard), Alison possesses several items of clothing (including a USAES jacket and a track suit) that possess ultra-micronized replication devices (created and patented by Sherrie Klein) that generate breathable gases within her field and purify the atmosphere created inside, allowing her to maintain her magnetic shields and protect anyone within for extended periods.