An Overlooked Flaw

An Overlooked Flaw is a story by legendeld.

The author claims this story was his personal way to ask and answer the question on Quinn Morgendorffer's sexuality.

In the story Quinn allows a girl to test out her new dating system and discovers the girl scored higher than anyone else. Quinn agrees to a date to stick to the system and finds herself falling for the girl (Danielle Todds) quickly and completely. The story also deals with how Quinn might be viewed by having almost no negative reactions from her family and friends to her "coming out".

It is best summed up by a conversation between Sandi and Quinn on the first school day after coming out. (Part 3)

“Did you expect tar and feathers?” Sandi goaded her.

“Well honestly yes.” Quinn admitted.

“The football team is holding a wake and Jamie had to be carried out of science after he heard the news but I don’t think it was a big secret for anyone else.” Sandi laughed.

“Why couldn’t someone have told ME?” Quinn said shaking her head and pushing her tray away.

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