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Legendeld is a Daria fanfic writer who began writing in late 2007. He has already established a reputation for his unique writing style, which is of writing fics in short, multiple parts (usually in three parts).

Legendeld has already been compared, in writing style, speed of producing material, and in the cross-spectrum of writing choices made, to TAG. He has already created what may be a lasting character contribution to Daria fandom in the creation of Danielle Todds, who may be the first serious out-of-canon (in terms of characters) romantic female relationship Quinn Morgendorffer has ever been involved with.

After he stopped producing fics, Legendeld gave permission for other writers to use any his original character. "To know that someone, anyone wants to keep them going is praise beyond praise for me. It feels good that they will survive past my poor attempts at writing them."

Daria Fanworks Awards[edit]

5th Daria Fanworks Awards

  • Favorite Quinn Story for Avalon
  • Favorite Post-Is It College Yet? for Bet

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