And the Bubble Burst

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The 39th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during mid-March 2001.


Daria and Michael's plan to spend spring break at a Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire is changed by Erin's announcement that she's left Brian to accepted a new job in Boston. When Erin arrives in town, she also tells Daria that Tess is almost broke after losing much of her fortune day trading stocks. Soon, Tess and Rita arrive in Boston, and after, Helen. Back in Virginia, Brian is jailed for public drunkeness and then released to clear his possessions from Tess's property. Soon, Daria finds herself pulled into the fighting between the older generations of Barksdales.

And the Bubble Burst at Outpost Daria

And the Bubble Burst at Lessons From Lawndale

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"And the Bubble Burst"
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