Bixby Hall

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Bixby Hall is one of the six residence halls for the 2,500-plus cadets in the Elite Academy at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies in Evansville, Indiana. Bixby Hall is seventeen stories tall, with living quarters on all floors except the first, seventh and seventeenth floors. (The seventh floor is outfitted for study and recreational needs, while the first and seventeenth floors have small cafeteria area with full kitchen capabilities, vending machines that take cash, credit and debit cards, a conference area, the security station and a visitor's area. There are also exercise rooms on the first and seventeenth floors.)

In addition, both Bixby and Schmidt Halls have guest quarters for visiting family members and potential applicants who are visiting the campus for overnight stays. Those quarters are located on the twelfth to seventeenth floors.

Like it's counterpart Schmidt Hall, Bixby Hall has been designated as a Class Four emergency shelter; the elements used in the construction of the building renders it far more durable to damage. In addition, the building can be completely secured with environmental defense shields (which can resist the effects of a Category Five hurricane/typhoon for up to eight days; the building also possesses a separate emergency power plant that can be independently augmented by cadets with appropriate powers), an internal environmental control system that can sustain a viable internal atmosphere, and physical bio-hazard barriers.

Like Gilmore and Zipfeld Hall Bixby Hall is designated for male cadets only. Swedlund, Gipson and Schmidt Hall are designated for female cadets only.