Swedlund Hall

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First seen in Legion of Lawndale Heroes 12.3, Swedlund Hall is one of the six residence halls for the 2,500-plus cadets in the Elite Academy at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies in Evansville, Indiana. Designated for female cadets, Swedlund Hall is eleven stories tall, with living quarters on all floors except the first and seventh (the seventh floor is outfitted for study and recreational needs, while the first floor has a small cafeteria area, a conference area, the security station, an exercise room and a visitor's area.

Gipson and Schmidt Hall - the other Elite Academy residence halls designated for female cadets, have identical facilities. Bixby, Gilmore and Zipfeld Hall are identical residence halls but are designated for male cadets, and have identical facilities (as applicable).

In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes 'Mini' For The Boys At Camp Victory, it is established that Swedlund Hall (as well as all of the other residence halls) has an enclosed observation deck on the roof. It is a favored place for non-intimate romantic meetings and small gatherings for cadets who aren't accustomed to or enamored with large gatherings.

It should be noted that the rooms assigned to Elite Academy cadets upon arrival as Cadets Fifth Class will be their designated quarters throughout their time at USAES. These rooms will remain available to them for any time they must return to campus during their internship year, or in case of some emergency situation/other reason that they must return (such as during the Daylight Crisis).