Cadet Advisory and Disciplinary Board

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The Cadet Advisory and Disciplinary Board is the official coalition of cadets at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies that represent their representative programs in all matters before the school administration and the United States Special Powers Command. They are the voice for any official matters that cadets may have that they need to deal with the administration about, but have actual authority to act in matters that may not by necessity need to involve the Administration (including non-judicial punishments), and may make recommendations in more severe matters (such as recommending harsher penalties for infractions, or referring legal matters to the JAG Corps for further review and possible charges). They also review cadet records and issue recommendations on possible promotions, merit-based awards, and speak on behalf of their program's concerns on Academy policy and other affairs.

In addition, the Board has actual power in matters of finances, as they may authorize funding for projects, social matters and matters of personal need/emergency relief for cadets, family members and (on a case-by-case basis) individuals who hold a valid personal connection to the cadet. These funds are drawn from the USAES Special Discretionary Fund. The fund is maintained through infusions of monies from several sources: the profits of accidental financial sources created on Academy property due to accidental or misuse of a cadet's metahuman powers, ten percent of all profits derived from any patents or sales of technologies or properties created by USAES Cadets during their time at the Academy, direct donations from any cadet who uses their abilities in a manner that generates revenue or materials that can generate revenue through profits that they choose to surrender to the fund, and any monies that are surrendered by a cadet who chooses to use the financial separation option in order to relieve him/herself of their service obligations. (It must be noted that the estimated costs and financial penalties incurred using this option are severe - between $500,000-850,000 for First Academy separation (depending on the time of separation) and 1.3 million to 3.5 million for Elite Academy separation.) One of the standing uses for monies from the SDF is covering any and all expenses for families of Cadets to come and visit them on special Academy occasions (such as Ostrich Day, Bowman Day and Commencement Day.

Informally known as The Circle, the CADB is comprised of the First Cadet of each of the seven USAES Metahuman Track Programs, the ranking Cadet of the Phantom Eagles elite cadre, the Cadet Commander of Corps, and the Deputy Cadet Commander of Corps. In addition, the Administration also holds an Academy Representative seat on the Board. This seat is usually held by the Deputy Commandant of the Academy, but in cases where the officer in that position can not serve due to his or her own official duties or is rejected by a majority of the Board for any reason, the Academy Representative seat then goes to the longest-serving Department head of Colonel's/Captain's rank. The Academy Representative has one other primary power; in cases and matters where the Board votes and is deadlocked, he or she may cast the deciding vote.

The Board meets once per month for standard matters, but may be tabled at any time for matters of importance or necessity. In addition, the Cadet members of the Board meets once during the summer session.