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DIsaac, Real name De'Shawn Isaac, is a Daria Fanfic writer from Columbus,OH. DIsaac has been a fan of Daria since it premiered in 1997 but officially joined PPMB in March 2011. He has said that the show shaped his quirky sense of humor. DIsaac is known for The Rude Awakening Series and Universe that started in 2011. Unlike some fan-fiction writers which has written in other fandoms, Disaac has only done Fanfic exclusively for the Daria fandom. He one of a few fan fiction writers and more prominent Fanfic writers which writes in a script-fic style as that is the main style of Rude Awakening. He also does prose style as well but he feels that he gets too descriptive in stories to do it mainly.

Biographical Information[edit]

Outside of Fanfic writing on PPMB. He is active in his community and with his passion of Radio through WCRS 102.1/98.3 FM, A community radio station in Columbus, Ohio. He currently does the weather forecast for the station as their weather reporter.


  • Rude Awakening

Daria Fanworks Nominations[edit]


  • Favorite Weird Idea (Rude Awakening Ep 1)
  • Best New Author