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Rude Awakening is an post-canon alternate universe comedy fanfiction series by DIsaac. The series revolves around WHUB 98.5, a Boston radio station that Daria, Jane, Jodie, Stacy, Upchuck, as well as a few other characters, all work at in various capacities, and the lives they live.


The way the fics are done in Rude Awakening is 13 episode equal 1 season in RA

Season 1

In the beginning is seen as the prologue to Rude Awakening. Giving a little bit of background of how it began. This is also the only one not written in the script fic format.

  • I Went Into Radio For This? (PPMB}

Stacy and Sandi are at war and it could derail an important business deal. Can Daria save the day?

  • I'm The Boss! (PPMB}

There is some changes coming to Little old WHUB and our two "Amgias" are in the middle of it as the new GM does the unthinkable........DARIA AND JANE NOW RUN THE STATION! What happens? What do their Station look like? what does it sound like? Is New England even ready for their radio station?

Daria, Jane, Stacy and Sandi are on a road trip to see Quinn in Columbus, OH.You read that correctly, "The Ten Circle of Hell" has been broken and crazy things are bound to happen. At WHUB, Jodie is on a power drive as out goes Robert and In goes a familiar face. Can he survive the craziness of WHUB or Is the craziest of them ALL?

  • It's That Kind of Day (PPMB)

Have you ever heard of a saying, a lot can happen in a day. Well we are about to find out as we take just a look at one day in the life of WHUB, the Day that Mack Mackenzie joins Rude Awakening. Before it is all said and done it will be one of those kind of days at WHUB. What kind? You just have to read the story.

  • Switching Formats (PPMB)

Daria bored out of her mind on a Saturday night does what any writer would do - think of a crazy idea and write it!

  • That Party Last Night! (PPMB)

Sandi Griffin jumps to WHUB into the overnight slot and being Sandi Griffin - she is a pain in the behind to everyone she works with! Can her overnight producer, Diane save her behind to make her the perfect fit for the team or will Sandi be out like yesterday's fashion?

  • Don't Sign Me Up! (PPMB)

Jodie tries to get the crew of WHUB stations to be more involve in the community...... in a good way... with some strange results. Also Trent and Jessie comes to town to visit but what is really up with the surprise visit? Could they be the new competition in town?

  • Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust (PPMB)

Things are moving at WHUB as major changes happening all around did we mention that Kevin is getting the Fantasy Football League draft ready as well? Well he is and it will get very competitive, very fast!

  • Join The Club! (PPMB)

The fashion club rides again but all is not happy about it - mainly the former club itself and Quinn has a MAJOR reason to why she is in Boston.

Sandi V.S. The EPT(PPMB) Sandi and Tom faces the most important test of their young lives. Will they pass? Do they even WANT to pass it?

  • It Sucks To Be Them (PPMB)

Hey ever heard of the one about the teacher that ended up as a janitor and then he finds out that the student that drove him crazy is now a co-worker of his?

Oh how about the one about that cynic that though she got rid of a writer that wrote an article about her years ago ONLY for her to come back years later?

Well what about the woman that can't get rid of her overbearing mother.... NO MATTER HOW HARD SHE TRIES!

Well for Demartino, Daria and Sandi this not that funny to them for a really good reason ..... THESE ARE THEIR PROBLEMS!

  • The Holidays are Just Crazy Around Here (PPMB)

The holidays are here and that means food, fun and family.... And that also mean having to deal with said family. We are stopping by two families that you know well, The Landons and The Morgendorffers.

Daria have to manage her first family Thanksgiving with Kevin and Jodie..... well let's just say it will be interesting with Alison.

This episode was originally a special but the time it was done it became the final episode of season 1.


Rude Awakening Crew Daria Morgendorffer Daria has been the chick making your mornings less miserable since 2004. Daria with her unmistakable monotone and quick hitting humor has been leading New England's #1 morning show with Jane since its premiere. In between her time hosting Rude Awakening and also being the being one half of the Programming Duo as the Program Director of WHUB 98.5 she wrote a little series of book called, "The Melody Powers Saga". It is one of the most successful action novel series ever. Daria is a graduate of Raft. She originally joined WHUB on the overnights in 2001.

Jane Lane Jane have been giving her opinion with her signature wit and sarcasm in the mornings since joining WHUB in 2004. She is the other half of the Programming Duo as the Music Director of WHUB 98.5. In addition to all of this she is a world-class artist with her work featured at First Night Boston and Galleries across the country. She is also an avid runner as she have run in the Boston Marathon 3 times. Not bad for a BFAC Graduate.

Mack Mackenzie Mack is the newest member to the WHUB family joining Daria and Jane on Rude Awakening. Being a former football player and sports reporter in a football obsessive city like Columbus, OH, you would think mornings at WHUB would be a bad fit for him. You would be wrong. Mack's favorite thing is taking Daria and Jane off their game in fits of laughter with his kind wit and cynical humor about world around him. Yep, sounds like he's Rude Awakening host material, indeed. Mack played for and graduated from Vance and played for Tennessee for 3 seasons.

Jennifer "Burnout" Burns Pay no attention to the smoke coming out of the break room or the bong in the corner. It's just our fearless producer, Burnout! But seriously, Rude Awakening wouldn't be as great as it is without Burnout Burns producing it. She previously produced "Bing and The Spatula Man" before she moved to WHUB and started with Daria on her overnight show, moving with her to the morning shift. Did we mention she won a few awards producing this show? Yeah, She is that good. Although, we don't believe her when she say the bong is Ted Dewitt-Clinton's (but, knowing his background it might be. We just saying). Jennifer graduated from Lawndale State.

The WHUB Radio Crew Sandi Griffin Sandi Joined WHUB this past year and brought her Diva attitude with her.... Which we don't mean in a mean way.... honest! Sandi is the News director and Midday host on WHUB. Sandi was previous the news director at Channel 5 and at KSBC in Baltimore, MD. Sandi is known for fashion and her love it even in high school when she started a fashion club. Now just happy to bring Boston and all of New England the best music on WHUB 98.5. To her, there is no place she would rather be! Sandi is a proud gaduate of Lawndale State and Pepperhill College.

Stacy Rowe Stacy is known as "The Boston Sweetheart", getting us through Afternoon Drive with Dani Moreno. Stacy joined WHUB in 2006 on the afternoons and has been a hit with us ever since. It's no surprise that wherever Stacy is at, people seem to follow her around. In addition to hosting the afternoon show she serves as the Assistant Program Director of WHUB and the entertainment reporter on Channel 5. Plus her interest in motor racing sees her doing "The Rowe Report" during the NASCAR and Indy Car seasons. On top of all that, she writes on her blog, "The Life of Rowe", and is going for her doctorate in meteorology. You have to wonder how does she find time to do it all. Let's just say, she is VERY organized to say the least. You don't want to take her stapler, we're just saying this to warn you... really. Stacy graduated from Villanova.

Dani Moreno Dani is the crazier side of the Afternoon Drive with Stacy Rowe. Dani joined WHUB in 2006 and started as host of the Night Show before joining Stacy in the afternoon this past year. Dani has a rock Star mentality towards life. It figures, because she is the younger sister of Jesse Moreno, the rhythmic guitarist of Mystik Spiral. Also she is a talented musician in her own right as she was the former bassist for The Harpies until they broke up in late 2005. She has said on record there will be no reunion of that group. Dani is also known for the pranks she pulls with her best friend Stacy, earning themselves the nicknames of "The Sisters of Destruction". But with all of that she is also the Assistant Music Director Of WHUB. Dani graduated from Villanova.

DJ Charlie Upchuck Charles Ruttheimer III aka DJ Charlie Upchuck aka The Randy One has been apart of WHUB since 2008, when he is NOT hitting on every women in sight, He is the host of the Night Show and the DJ behind the Five O' Clock Traffic Mix. Also in addition to all of that, he leads the web team. Then, after he is rejected by lady #572,145, he channels his energy into coming up with cool promotional stuff for our station. Charlie is a dirty little character, but he is OUR dirty little character. Chuck is Graduate of Boston Tech.... Why the hell is he here? We can't figure that out!

Alison Brooks Alison joins us as the newest member to WHUB. Alison is a Jill of all trades. She writes, she draws, she paints and she does radio too. Alison was born in Winnipeg ( and excited about the return of the Jets) before moving to Boston a decade ago and making it her home town. Ali is involved in projects all around Boston.

Jodie Landon In short - She is the boss of all of WHUB. She pretty much is in her words "typical overachiever" A graduate of two colleges Turner and Crestmore and active in club and organizations around New England. So she can handle being the head of Boston's craziest radio family and try to keep them out of vain of course!


  • Going against the general consensus that Danny Moreno is male, this series depicts Dani as female. This can work, as The Daria Database never specified what gender Danny/Dani was.
  • in 2011, Rude Awakening was nominated for 2 Booties in the categories of best new series and favorite weird idea. The author of the story, DIsaac also got a Best New Writer Nomination as well.
  • In 2012, it was nominated for a Booties in Best Series Category