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An original character first introduced in the Falling Into College spinoff, "A Path of Roses and Thorns," Daniel St. John is Amy Barksdale's associate (and sometime lover) at Tennyson University. Their romantic relationship ended some time after Amy met Maurice 'Reese' Wyatt.

Daniel is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Automotive Technologies Department at Tennyson, and he and Paula Trainor have maintained a playfully adversarial relationship based on the fact that Paula doesn't believe that Daniel can make Amy Barksdale happy - a charge that Daniel himself has wondered about on several occasions.


  • Daniel is from a South Carolina family that can trace their lineage back to the early 1700's,and proudly proclaims himself to ba 'a son of the South'. He is, however, by no means racist, and has occasionally made overatures to Paula Trainor that could be considered openly flirtatious.
  • Daniel's pet project for the past several years has been locating classic cars from flm and television, and restoring them with the help of his classes to sell for charity. Several of the many cars he has restored include a station wagon from The Brady Bunch, a Batmobile from the 1960's series, a 'General Lee' from 'The Dukes of Hazzard', and a Trans Am from 'Smokey and the Bandit'.
  • After lying about his age, Daniel enlisted and spent at least five years at sea in the U.S. Merchant Marine Service, and is a competent seaman. During his time at sea, Daniel visited a multitude of countries.
  • Daniel physically resembles the actor Josh Holloway, who plays 'Sawyer' on the television series 'Lost'.
  • After restoring various cars, Daniel takes them to a local raceway to test-drive them. He would always extend an invitation for Amy to come with him, as she also loves to drive very fast.

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