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As someone who'd long enjoyed the detailed episode-by-episode TV reviews found on the AV Club, WellTemperedClavier kept hoping they'd eventually get around to doing one for Daria. He waited, waited, and waited. And finally he got sick of waiting and decided he'd just write his own!

WellTemperedClavier posted the first few analyses of episodes on /r/Daria, but (as often happens) got sidetracked. When he rejoined the PPMB in 2018, he jumped back into the project, eventually finishing it on the Lawndale-High Message Board in 2019.

Each analysis examines an episode (or two) based on theme and character. WellTemperedClavier wrote these with the specific aim of taking a more critical look at Daria as a person. While certainly not written with the intent of bashing her unnecessarily, neither does it accept her as a hero. The characters are analyzed by their actions and behaviors.

WellTemperedClavier states that Life in the Past Lane is the only episode that actually made him angry, largely for how shabbily both Daria and Nathan treat Jane.

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