Daria Isn't Here

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Daria Isn't Here is an alternate universe series by Erin Mills.

When Trent drives back home near the end of "Is It Fall Yet?", the band's van is involved in a traffic accident and - lacking a seatbelt - Daria is killed. From this point on, the events of the last year of the show still happen to a grieving Jane, Trent, Tom, and Quinn, but with Daria's absence weighing on them.

The stories, published on Lawndale-High Message Board, are:

  • : Getting Out From Under It: Has Jane truly forgiven Daria for The Kiss? She'll be asked that by herself, as an older version of herself from another timeline arrives to test her. (An unannounced 'backdoor pilot' touching on Erin's previous Judith stories and the fandom's various AU stories, seeming standalone until Daria's death happened)
  • Mourning in the 'Burbs: Daria's funeral leads Jane and Quinn to make their definitive statements on who she was; Tom and Jane reconcile; and Helen is struggling to hold it together. And what happens when Trent apologises to the Morgendorffers?