Don't Let Me Get Me

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Don't Let Me Get Me is Legion of Lawndale Heroes Chapter 11.5. It is the fifth chapter of LLH written by Brother Grimace.

Plot Spoilers[edit]

Jane, Sandi and Charles chat while exploring Grace Island. Charles mentions that he took a cruise ship to Alaska during the Legionnaires' enforced vacation, meeting and spending time with a girl for four days. When asked why he didn't tell the other Legionnaires, he points out his poor treatment by them. Meanwhile Tom, setting up camp with Quinn and Tiffany, thinks about how women are looking at Charles differently.

Armalin gives the Legionnaires their task -- to find ten of twenty flags hidden on the island. Brittany and Stacy are teamed with Daria, and each comment about Daria's discomfort in the wilderness. Stacy inadvertently knocks Daria into a stream while hunting down someone who is spying on the three of them.

Slightly earlier, Hank Stewart and Langston Chambers are searching the Grace Island area on a photo shoot. Langston states to Hank that she's not interested in him, and will not sleep with him. The two happen to observe the three Legionnaires -- Langston isn't familiar with any of them but Hank knows all of their names. As Hank takes a picture of a wet Daria, Stacy traverses the distance to the trees and lifts the two of them by the neck -- one with each arm.

Armalin speaks to Dawn Hall, angry about the fact that Stewart and Chambers were sent to the Outlast area for a public relations photo shoot. The two bump into Trent Lane sleeping on a couch. Lane has been waiting for Armalin to arrive to ask for a job, and Lane is given a job doing errands for the Legion.

Hall jokes to Armalin that Armalin might be looking for a new recruit in Charles. Armalin replies that there's only one member of the Legion that would want to be in the military, and "she already has a destiny".


  • Hank Stewart writes in the future that he had the future of dating three of the women he met at Grace Island later on. This implies either that Stewart would date three Legionnaires, or two Legionnaires and Langston Chambers.
  • Langston Chambers apparently knows how to use a rifle, carrying one with her, a rifle in "a caliber that's been killing buffalo and bears very dead for over a century."
  • Trent misidentifies Dawn Hall as a "PR chick". Hall is CEO of Quest.

Dramatis Personae[edit]


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