Driven Wild

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Driven Wild is the twelfth "episode" of C.E. Forman's Lost Season One (of The Lost Seasons series), written in winter of 1999. Like all of Forman's Lost Season episodes, it is written in quasi-script form with three Acts and commercials.


Jane talks Daria into giving Trent a ride when he goes to get his car fix. Their ride includes a stop-over for lunch at Chez Pierre, where Daria hopes that her relationship with Trent will reach the next level. However, the real excitement comes later, when Daria and Trent get into a crash.


  • Forman's "Driven Wild" was the basis for the name Driven Wild Universe. Although Kara Wild's continuum bore little resemblance to this near-'shipper fic, her last name led Forman to teasingly refer to her as Kara "Driven" Wild.

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