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Evil Daria in "Three" by Angelinhel and RLobinske.

Evil Daria is an occasionally used fanfic concept in which Daria Morgendorffer is motivated by greedy self-interest and/or the desire to harm others. Daria might be petty, sarcastic, and unforgiving, or she might be psychopathic and murderous. Examples include the multi-author serial "Evil Daria Vignettes" and the final alternate universe Daria encountered in the dimension-crossing story "Three," by Richard Lobinske. The Evil Daria idea is closely related to the Bitch Daria and Violent Daria fanfic stereotypes (see here), though her malevolence manifests on a greater scale.

In a broader context, the Evil Daria theme can be considered a part of darkfic, the category of fanfiction in which characters or situations are darker (more evil or more troubled) than their canon counterparts.

The shared-universe character Judith is the Evil Daria trope taken to extremes, an alternate Daria turned into a dimension-hopping, mass murdering supervillain.

Evil Jane[edit]

A related but less often seen story concept is Evil Jane, a fanfictional Jane Lane who behaves in a manner harmful or destructive to others. This characterization is sometimes seen in stories taking place immediately after Jane learns that Daria kissed Tom Sloane.

See Thom for comparison.

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