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Based on the concept of Evil Daria, Evil Daria Vignettes is a round robin created by NightGoblyn. Its universe is Daria-357, as the first entry in this PPMB thread was made at 3:57 pm, on September 27, 2007. (See vignette.)

As stated by NightGoblyn in the PPMB thread itself in describing this universe and the rather convoluted nature of the thread: "If this is a round robin, it's a loose one. It seems to be (mostly) little bits and pieces of a greater story rather than the woven tapestry of a lengthy narrative. Now, my observations on what's been written here so far, as specifically regards the scenes that can be considered D-357 (D-357 :D ), is that this seems to be set early-to-mid S3. We've referenced S1 and S2 eps, and Daria already has her contacts - which definitely puts it post-'Through a Lens Darkly.' Nobody has made any kind of Tom references yet, so that puts it pre-'Jane's Addition'."

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

The Score Card[edit]

This section is a quick run down of the events in D-357, sorted in apparent chronological order not the order in which the sections were posted. The author is attributed first, then a synopsis of what s/he contributed.

NightGoblyn - Daria goes to her mother's office with a serious problem and overhears her having sex with Eric. One of the firm's senior partners pulls Daria into his office and has a discussion with her, eventually converting her life philosophy from cynicism to sadism. This is the primary point of divergence for this AU.

LSauchelli - Daria has a delusion where she helps a lost sister, Lynn Cullen, who looks a little too much like her and betrays her.

NightGoblyn - Daria recruits Jane to be her senior lieutenant.

NightGoblyn - Daria gives Brittany a pet mouse, hinting that she's stolen Kevin.

Brother Grimace - Daria puts Jodie in check, and takes Mack away from her.

Brother Grimace - Daria puts Mr. Phelps in check.

Dennis - Daria puts Ms. Li in check.

Brother Grimace - Dr. Armalin gets the hell out of Lawndale.

NightGoblyn - Daria threatens to ruin Quinn's life and destroy the Fashion Club unless Quinn overthrows Sandi as President.

Vlademir1 - Quinn and Stacy plot against Sandi during their special cuddle time.

Brother Grimace - Jane informs Daria that she has a digital recording of Quinn and Stacy's special cuddle time.

Bliss Ticks - Daria suffocates Quinn with a pillow.

Lsauchelli - Quinn wakes from her nightmare about being suffocated, and finds a photograph sitting on her bedside table. The image is not revealed, but something on the back causes her to blame Sandi for it being there.

Legendeld - Sandi, suffering the first effects of Quinn's social attacks, decides to hide out and hope Daria will be merciful to her.

Brother Grimace - Sandi awakens from a nightmare and discovers evidence that Quinn has been sneaking around in her bedroom. She decides it's time to crush her rival once and for all.

Brother Grimace - Daria makes a deal with Charles.

NightGoblyn - Daria begins seducing Trent. She catches Jane watching the digital video of Quinn and Stacy and takes the opportunity to seduce her as well.

NightGoblyn - Daria goes out on a date with Mack.

NightGoblyn - Andrea sells blackmail material on Quinn to Sandi, and then buys blackmail material on Sandi from Quinn. She gives the info on Sandi to her sister Tori so that it can be spread around the school.

Richard Lobinske - Amy watches surveillance feed of Daria's activities and gloats.

NightGoblyn - The Fashion Club implodes. Sandi reveals that Quinn was a victim of rhohypnol related date-rape, and Stacy beats Sandi into next week. Quinn asks Daria to get revenge on the man that victimized her.

NightGoblyn - Quinn browbeats Ms. Li into not punishing anyone for the aftermath of the Fashion Club implosion, and takes the security tape that recorded it. She starts having an emotional breakdown and Stacy takes her home.

Ranger Thorne - Daria opens her closet door revealing another Daria. The first one, (the 'evil Daria') is actually Lynn Cullen while the one in the closet is Daria who's drugged.

NightGoblyn - Stacy overhears Daria talking to herself and when she examines the closet, she finds just clothes. It's apparent that there's no Lynn Cullen in this world and it's just a piece of Daria's mind - she is apparently suffering from "Dissociative identity disorder".

NightGoblyn - The outcasts Burnout Girl, Scarlett, and Shaggy plot to improve their social standing.

NightGoblyn - Daria puts the cheerleaders in check.

NightGoblyn - Daria puts Charles on getting information on the man that raped Quinn. Stacy promises her service to Daria if she'll hurt the man in question. Daria leaves an envelope from a medical center and her laptop on the kitchen table.

NightGoblyn - Daria meets with Burnout Girl and offers her a place in the her organization.

NightGoblyn - Helen comes home and is confronted by Jake and Quinn. They have examined the letter and webpage that Daria left on the kitchen table. Quinn is not Jake's daughter, and she has a younger sister - Veronica - that Helen placed in an orphanage in Texas.

NightGoblyn - Sandi tries to organize a resistance movement against Daria and fails.

NightGoblyn - Sandi walks to her car. It is revealed that the social poison Quinn and Stacy used against her is that she is a blood fetishist. She apparently used Stacy as her donor for the last several years.

Vlademir1 - Daria tracks down the man who raped her sister and recruits Tori and Brooke to punish him. She and Charles watch from the next room and digitally record the punishment.

NightGoblyn - Stacy muses on her role as a victim and tries to use her own weakness as a way to help Quinn regain control.

NightGoblyn - Daria meets with Andrea.

Brother Grimace - Tiffany gloats to herself about how all her pawns are moving exactly as planned.

NightGoblyn - Jane meets Tom. Daria gets a text message from Veronica.

NightGoblyn - Daria forces Helen to sign some papers.

Brother Grimace - We meet this universe's version of Veronica, who goes by the name of Evie.

NightGoblyn - Daria leaves Lawndale without Jane. She believes Jane will betray her.

NightGoblyn - Jane is approached by both Quinn and Sandi. Quinn wants the pictures of her that Jane is keeping, while Sandi seems to think that she can use Jane to take revenge on the Morgendorffers.

NightGoblyn - Sandi breaks into Casa Lane and steals Quinn's pictures and a copy of the Quinn/Stacy video.

Brother Grimace - Sandi is mugged by Ted, who takes the photos and flash drive with the video on it to Tiffany. Tiffany dumps a video of Sandi and Tori onto the net.

NightGoblyn - Sandi wakes up in her parents' mountain cabin, where Stacy brought her after finding Sandi unconscious in her car. She tries to talk her way out of what Stacy is about to do to her. But fails.

NightGoblyn - Jane and Quinn discover the missing pictures and video files from Jane's computer.

NightGoblyn - This world's Scarlett ponders about the recent events.

NightGoblyn - Stacy burns Sandi's parents' cabin and leaves using Sandi's Mustang. Daria arrives in Texas and thinks about having dinner with Evie.

NightGoblyn - Daria takes Evie out to dinner.

Vlademir1 - Jim Vitale and Amy talk over the phone. Jim reveals that Daria is their daughter.

NightGoblyn - Daria and Evie have dinner. Daria is quite clear that she only wants a tool and states that if Evie doesn't follow her rules, she can make her life a living hell.

LSauchelli - After having dinner, Daria goes back to her hotel room where she has a hallucination of the "good Daria" apppearing before her and basically screwing with her mind. She ends up thinking that either Quinn or Jane betrayed her.

Psycotol - (future) Daria has become an organized crime boss with plans to expand her influence.


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