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A round-robin serial fanfic, initiated by Angelboy at PPMB.


Fandemonium is the name of a TV series of which most of the Daria characters are fans (a situation deliberately intended to mirror Daria fandom). The main characters of Fandemonium are named after various Daria fans, and at least partially modeled on them in personality; as a result, it has been called a Mary Sue fanfic, since the contributers usually included themselves as characters. The various contributions to the fic detail both the events of the Fandemonium TV series and the reactions of the normal Daria characters to it.


  • The Fandemonium thread is the home of the original version of the E. A. Smith fic that would later be expanded into the stand-alone story "Good Intentions."
  • Daria, Jane and Stacy are all frequent posters on the online 'Fandemonium' forums.

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