Forever Sleeping Beauty

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Written by Brother Grimace as part of an Iron Chef challenge by Angelinhel, Forever Sleeping Beauty is the story of how Stacy Rowe, after enduring much torment in high school, finds her life turned around in an almost fairy-tale style fashion upon reaching college. The story continues to show Stacy several years later, blissfully happy as the wife of a wealthy man, with wonderful children, and how she is unusually active in charitable causes.

The story concludes with Stacy awakening one morning only to be assassinated in bed by a sniper with a high-powered rifle, who shoots through her bedroom window. The irony is heightened when Stacy's body is not discovered for several hours because the servants feel, due to the immense amount of time that she puts into her causes, that Stacy should be allowed to have extra time to rest.

The story touched off a minor, passing controversy upon its posting at PPMB, as some fans felt that the tone and the ending were slightly inappropriate.