Gail Timmes

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A fictional character in A Path of Roses and Thorns, Gail Timmes is Lyle Wallister's co-anchor on the WRAM-19 News evening broadcasts. A former Miss America (and loathed by Lyle because of it and her 'apparently undeserved' ascension to the main desk), Gail is a petite (5'2), classical beauty of twenty-three years with thick, strawberry-blonde hair, large, jade-green eyes and an exceptionally feminine form. She has been very taken with Maurice 'Reese' Wyatt from the moment she met him, and has remained so even after his marriage to Amy Barksdale. However, she has managed to keep her feelings for him on a friendly, yet professional level.

Gail is referred to by some WRAM staffers as 'the Red Menace' (even though she is a very talented journalist and on-air talent); as she is actually a very demure and pleasant young woman, there is actually a measure of jealousy involved. She is known as a very strong, accomplished swimmer, and goes to a local athletic club to swim for a minimum of one hour at least four times per week.

Gail also is possessed of such spectacular beauty that she can actually render others silent or receptive to suggestion upon encountering her (especially unexpectedly). (If she were tested, she would register as a 'four' on the passive scale of the Claremont/Byrne metahuman power ranking scale for her power of enhanced physical attractiveness.

After the events in A Path of Roses and Thorns, Gail found herself in a relationship with Cheryl Newlin (who had a former relationship with Lyle that ended amicably and was also interested in Reese Wyatt); . They have chosen not to make their relationship public, but have not hidden it from their closest friends and family members.