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A major Daria fansite run by Kemical Reaxion ("Kem"). It is no longer updated as of 2007 (see Great Daria Fandom Implosion of 2007). Glitter Berries was long noted for its extensive files of fan-created artwork and intriguing layout, both a result of Kem's being an artist in her own right.


Glitter Berries was founded in late 1999 or early 2000 by Kemical Reaxion. The name of the website was chosen from a self-compiled list of quirky phrases from "Daria" episodes (one of the losers on that list: Flavendar 5). It started out small, hosting a handful of stories and artwork, and featured character descriptions and a collection of episode summaries. Eventually, the site grew beyond the bounds of its free hosting space. The site was moved around several times before finding its current home. Over the years, Glitter Berries has gone through many incarnations and has seen the addition of quotes, polls, and contests. In March 2007, Kem announced that, for personal reasons, she would no longer make updates to the site. In October 2007, a final update was made and the site was moved to a free hosting site. This was the last update, however, that involved submitted work; in 2013, Kem added artwork from the closing Outpost Daria to the site.

Among its collection of unique material it hosted screen captures and text from the Daria's Inferno computer game, the text of the hosts' comments for the "Sarcastathon 3000" show from MTV (a Daria retrospective), a ten-part collection of "Scenes No Daria Fanfic Should Ever Have," and Mike Xeno's enormous Daria Character Database, with descriptions of over 400 major and minor characters from the show.

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