Guy Fawkes Day

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Guy Fawkes Day is one of the escaped holiday teens from Holiday Island that appears in "Depth Takes A Holiday."

Character and Appearance[edit]

He is a young man with spiky hair and punk clothing, the lead singer for the high-school band The Holidays. Jane Lane was attracted to him at first, but the feeling swiftly wore off.

The character is portrayed as an angry, anarchistic English "punk" (per the Sex Pistols), responding to just about any irritating stimuli with a dismissive, angry shout of "Bollocks!" - he later admits this is an instinctive reaction and often may not mean he's actually disapproving. He loathes American television and apparently the United States itself.

As with Halloween and Christmas, he fled Holiday Island due to boredom. Later Cupid and Saint Patrick's Day mention that the other two were the cool kids who ran the place, so it is unknown if Guy has the same social standing. If he's not at Holiday Island, the real-world event of Bonfire Night will quickly cease to exist and take pie stands with it (this end of pie stands seemed to bother Jane slightly more than the end of Christmas and Halloween).

He has a running feud with St. Patrick's Day, reflecting traditional English-Irish tensions.

In a MTV website flipbook (archived on Wayback via a fansite), Guy Fawkes Day is trying to get back off Holiday Island. "I hate those phony wankers and I never want to see another bloody pinata again in my life. Ah bollocks, I don't give a toss whether you like this flipbook or not, as long as I find me a nice girlie who's interested in a green card marriage. Tell yer friends: I'm imaginary so I don't eat much and I give good backrubs. No? Well then, can I at least sleep on yer couch?"


  • In the Latin American dub, he became Bastille Day (and Daria has to be told that's a French holiday). Instead of "Bastard!", St Patrick's Day says he's "bloody".
  • The actual holiday is called "Guy Fawkes Night", and more popularly called "Bonfire Night".
  • Bonfire Night commemorates the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, the attempted bombing of the Houses of Parliament by Catholics, meant to slay King James I and most of British aristocracy and nobility at the time - so St Patrick's Day would likely have approved of the real Guy Fawkes. (The plot was not orchestrated by Guy Fawkes, but he was in charge of its execution.)
  • Anglo-Irish relations were actually quite strong when this episode aired.

In fanfiction[edit]

Daria fandom had traditionally tried to avoid or 'explain' "Depth Takes A Holiday" due to its canon-breaking fantasism. As such, Guy Fawkes Day has rarely shown up - an exception being "God Save The Esteem" where he's renamed Bonfire Night and in a recently-dead relationship with St Patrick's Day, or "The Meaning of Bonfire Night" (requiring [Stone]).