Saint Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day is a holiday character and national stereotype who, along with Cupid, arrives in Lawndale in "Depth Takes A Holiday" searching for Christmas, Guy Fawkes Day, and Halloween, who have escaped from Holiday Island. St. Patrick's Day is described early on as a leprechaun but if so, he's a pretty tall one. As he and Cupid are specifically on the mission, he is presumably one of the more competent holidays; he's the leader of the duo, but gets irritated with Cupid's laid-back, passive nature.

In "Depth Takes A Holiday," St. Patrick's Day was shown to have breath that smells of beer; this was accompanied with a small, visible exhalation of green-colored breath. He mentions that the 'beer-breath' is "congenial"; even more interestingly, St. Patrick's Day mentions that he is not a drinker.

Because he is an Irish holiday, St. Patrick's Day holds a lot of animosity towards Guy Fawkes Day, who is a British one. He once grumbled about being "oppressed for four centuries" - roughly when the Tudor conquest of Ireland occurred, when England (which already officially ruled Ireland) deliberately tried to devastate Gaelic culture and polity - but in the present sense, so he's presumably an Irish Republican and views Northern Ireland as occupied land.


  • St Patrick's Day would probably be very upset to find out that many British people celebrate his day (i.e. all of them who like to drink).
  • In the Latin American (Mexican) dubbing, he is given an Argentinian accent.

In fanfiction[edit]

Someone will ship this one day.

St Patrick's Day has had a surprisingly large amount of fanfic appearances! A number include Cupid.