The handsome doctor seen working at Cedars of Lawndale Hospital in "Ill," Hanley was once a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and was attached to a P.O.G.O. team commanded by Kyle Armalin, where he served as a sniper. (At the time of his active P.O.G.O. status, every P.O.G.O. team had some form of metahuman healer attached.) Hanley had earned an 'Expert' marksmanship rating when he qualified on weapons; wanting to quickly advance in rank (and see some 'action and adventure in his life' that he wouldn't see as a doctor), Hanley volunteered for sniper school and was first in his class.

Hanley possesses no actual metahuman powers. However, when he volunteered for assignment to P.O.G.O., he was selected for 'physical adaptation', and treated with the 'Overthrust Stimulation' formula created by the scientists at 'Project: Fast Forward to genetically engineer 'super-soldiers'. Due to the formula, Hanley now possesses a physical form at the peak of human performance (as defined by his own genetic makeup), physical capabilities greater than any Olympic athlete, and senses are as acute as possible without having metahuman abilities. He has also had a noticeable increase in general intelligence, and a slightly increased ability in both learning and retention of new skills and knowledge.

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