Icebox Woman

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Icebox Woman is a song by Mystik Spiral, heard in the episode Road Worrier.

Trent and Jesse are rehearsing it in the Lane's basement, Jane interrupts the song after the first verse.

It was also offered as a download on both Mystik Spiral websites. On Reburb, the interruption was explained as the dehumidifier kicking in and drowning out the second verse. In-universe, this recording was released as the B side of the group's only record, the 7 inch vinyl single Behind my Eyelids, and The Daria Diaries reprints a review from Smudge Magazine: "... innovative only in its use of humming. It sounds like it was recorded in a wind tunnel, which only works to its advantage ..."

Reburb summary[edit]

"Originally released on Plush Records as a 45 b/w 'Behind My Eyelids,' this testament to a femme fatale (a few of them, actually) was the outgrowth of lead singer Trent Lane's sensitivity to the human condition. He was also inspired by the chilly emptiness of the family freezer. Recorded by Trent and Jesse in the Lane family basement. (Note: This song originally included a second verse, but the dehumidifier came on and drowned out the vocals. Look for a flawed-yet-extended version on the band's upcoming collection of outtakes and remixes.)"


You're an angel in black

You sure have the knack

For putting my heart

On the shelf in the back

I'm waiting my turn

Oh, when will i learn

My poor heart

You're giving it freezer-burn