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Biographical Information[edit]

Jak981125 (almost always called "jak" for short) is really Joe Kerner, an American Daria fan from the western suburbs of Chicago. He is Roman Catholic, a Beatles fan (as is shown by his fanfiction), and a non-shipper where Trent is concerned.


jak has been a Daria fan since 1997 and a member of the Paperpusher's Message Board since 1999. He is one of the more notable socially conservative members of the fan community.

When Daria was on the air, jak was often a ruthless critic of MTV and their treatment of the show, going so far as to write song parodies ridiculing the network, which he felt catered to stupidity. He was also known to badmouth the MTV Daria message board, classifying it as a haven for teeny boppers.

He is known for having a love-hate relationship with fellow PPMB member nonamejane.


Jak is a Daria fanfic author, who specializes in Mystik Spiral and Beatles crossovers.

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