Kain Saga

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The Kain Saga was a series of Mary Sue Daria fanfiction by Chris Smith, building from Mary Sue fanfics written by Michael Pfeffer. There was much criticism of the series as it progressed, as the plot centered more on the Kain character than the Daria characters altogether.

Original Series Chapters[edit]

  1. 1: More Than Anyone Can Take
  1. 2: The Virtual Massacre
  1. 3: The Road Worrier: Take Two
  1. 4: Standoff
  1. 5: A Prelude to War
  1. 6: Carnage in the Big Apple
  1. 7: The End of an Era

Special Edition[edit]

In mid-1998, Chris decided to go back and attempt to correct several grammar errors in the stories, as well as add additional chapters to fill several gaps in the story. Sadly, the Special Edition was never finished.

  1. 1: More Than Anyone Can Take
  1. 2: The Death of a Dangerous Trend
  1. 3: This Crap Called Fate
  1. 4: The Virtual Massacre
  1. 5: Ruckus in the Ring
  1. 6: The Road Worrier: Take Two
  1. 7: Standoff
  1. 8: A Prelude to War
  1. 9: Carnage in the Big Apple
  1. 10: The End of an Era
  1. 11: The End of Lawndale (Never Released)
  1. 12: Daria 2000 (Never Released)

Series Summary[edit]

Kain, a mysterious character returns to Lawndale High to earn his diploma, but winds up becoming Student Principal via a deal with Ms. Li to earn his diploma. Kain wreaks havoc all over the school by cloning Quinn (five times), setting up a wrestling ring in the gym, firing Ms. Barch, holding a Virtual Reality slaughterfest, and training Mack to become a professional wrestler.

Kain's only purpose was to somehow remove a clone of himself from society by either detaining him or eliminating him (even though that was the last thing he ever wanted). His project was nearing completion when he decided to take everyone to the Alternapalooza festival (along with a clone of Kain's dead wife, who decided to take the unusual form of an altered version of Daria's appearance). Unfortunately, the Kain Clone had sent hired guns to silence those that were close to him (namely Daria and her friends). The crew managed to fight them off and flee the festival; however, just afterward a rocket launcher is fired into the crowd of spectators. The crew would not realize this until after they returned from the festival when, in a private meeting in the Principal's Office, Kain used his authority to give Daria, Jane, and Michael high school diplomas. They then raced back to the Morgendorffer's to hide from the police since, as told by a news report on the school's outside TV cable, Kain has been blamed for the Alternapalooza attacks.

After a lengthy argument with Jake and Helen Morgendorffer, Kain decides to shove everyone in the house (Quinn included) into the tunnels leading from Daria's closet to the garage of Kain's Estate. After a phone call, Trent, Jesse, and Reuben join them at the Estate, where they meet with Kain's close friends (and bodyguards), The Right-Handfull Trio, who were speaking with Kain at the beginning of the series, but were given some time off to go on a vacation. After an anonymous tip, the police swarmed upon the Estate, but were held back by Kain's defenses. After getting a message from the computer in the basement, Kain asked everyone to help him move all his stuff into the craft his underground factory finished building a week before the series began. They took off at the end of the day, destroying the Estate and leaving a 3/4-mile deep crater in the ground (Jake and Helen are dumped in a parachuting escape pod just over their house). The ship uses the only afterburner fuel to make a single burst towards New York, where Kain's Clone (Now named Kraxus) has set up a criminal empire.

During the trip to New York, Daria and Trent (after much bickering from Jane) spent some time in a garden aboard the ship where they meet Jackyl: The Parrot Asshole, Quinn decided to sit down with a few back issues of Waif in the Library (She would later get around to reading a real book), Jane observed a few paintings Kain has collected (and drew), and Kain prepared for the carnage ahead by using the same cloning device to amass a small battalion. The group reached New York, and everyone split off to see the sights while keeping an eye out for PrestonCorp International, the dummy corporation behind the criminal empire. After many follies (and oddball crossovers), the group converge upon the business skyscraper where Kraxus and his own followers are waiting for them. A gruesome battle ensues, even though the only mortal casualties are Kain's and Kraxus's soldiers. The battle ends, but Daria is in a coma. Daria recovers, but only at the moment when Kain and Sally sacrifice themselves to blow up the PrestonCorp building with Kraxus and his loyal minions.

During the three-day trip back, Daria reflects on the past month, wondering what to do with her life, now that she has unofficially graduated High School. She receives a time-delayed message from Kain, recorded during Daria's coma. Kain describes how to make a special cocktail that was made just for her using ingredients that were planted in her quarters (the effects of which would not be realized for quite some time). As the ship was nearing Lawndale, a mysterious wave (later revealed to be a temporal shock wave) suddenly emanated from the Atlantic Ocean, enveloping the planet, rearranging the face of the Earth and the current timeline. The ship is the only object not affected as they near what was once the Kain Estate, now back to normal, as if nothing ever happened. The group separates once more to readjust back to their normal lives, only to find that Lawndale is much different. After everyone experiences the horrors of what was once their town (now a city of hatred and scorn), they return to the Kain Estate, learning of another temporal shock wave that is about to hit. After reading up on the first shock wave, Michael and Mara learn that the Estate has the same element of protection, and join everyone else in the living room to brave the storm. The town is soon back to normal, as if the past month never happened.

Daria, Jane, and Trent decide to move into the Estate, while Michael and Mara take the ship and go on their own adventures.

Unwritten Material[edit]

This portion has not been summarized yet.