Lauren Merritson

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The wife of Deforest Carlyle, Lauren Ramsey Carlyle (although she has chosen to retain her maiden name of Lauren Merritson for business purposes) is the mother of Antigone and Lexington Carlyle.

Standing at 6'1 and 140 pounds, with honey-blonde hair and the same cobalt-blue eyes as her daughter Antigone, the model-beautiful Lauren was a young reporter for a Central Illinois television station when she met Deforest, and married him two years later (after signing a pre-nuptial agreement rumored in the press to be of Biblical proportions; however, a basic marriage contract was fashioned out that saw Lauren receive several allowances if there were a divorce, but nothing like the press speculated). The rumors were allowed to percolate for public perceptions; in actuality, Lauren was informed of the Twelve Clans when Deforest proposed and began lessons on what would be expected of her as a wife, mother and member of the Clan Carlyle. Lauren is now the Junior VP of Public Affairs for the North American branch of the Carlyle Shipping Consortium, but is also one of the primary liaisons involved with diplomatic relations between the Twelve Clans and The Elite.


Psionic Shield: One week before her marriage, Lauren was psychically augmented with the and psychically augmented to possess the same mental shielding that all blood-line Carlyles possess. This allows her to resist all mental, emotional and neural probes and attacks.


Lauren is skilled in politics and the world of television broadcasting, and has many contacts in those areas throughout the world. In addition, Lauren has become a noted facilitator for clandestine meetings between high-level parties, which has allowed her to gain a immense listing of noted figures, politicians, A-list celebrities and so forth. Lauren has also developed a reputation as a society figure (this in no way dilutes from the high level of respect that she has justly earned over the years), and his in charge of the Summer Formal at the Carlyle estate in upper New York (which she has taken over from Miranda Carlyle, with the elder woman's blessing.