Martin Harriman

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The current Commandant of the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies, Martin Harriman is a Rear Admiral in the United States Coast Guard, and a longtime friend of Kyle Armalin. First seen in Legion of Lawndale Heroes 12.2 - The Wild and The Young, Martin visits Kyle at Legion Tower with two of his cadets in tow, and extends an offer for the Legionnaires to visit the Academy. Later, in his quarters at the Academy, he and Kyle reminisce about their time together as students of Charles Xavier; they talk about Kyle's antagonistic relationship with Scott Summers, and how Xavier wishes to see Kyle, who hasn't been to the School for Gifted Youngsters in several years.

It is also revealed that Martin is roughly the same age as Kyle (placing him in his early forties) has cold-based powers, manifested as energy beams from his eyes, and that he is (was?) extremely athletic, with a particular love of gymnastics and tumbling (in which he was nationally ranked). Martin is also in his third marriage; his wife Tammy is twenty-one years old and a former Power Ranger who he met when she went to Florida to get back into shape for an attempt to enter the 'World Games'.