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Writers Brother Grimace and Angelinhel were entered into a "write-off" in which they each had to write three stories, the main ideas of which were designed by other PPMB board members. After submission, readers voted for who's story better exemplified the idea proposed. Best two out of three won the write-off.

Memorial Day was Angelinhel's response to the first challenge of the three-part series. The framework for the story was issued by Tananda: 2000 words or less. Must involve a holiday that is not Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, or St Patrick's, and it must contain Jake and Quinn. Quinn can be no older than 5.

Memorial Day won the 2006 Bootie for "Favorite Holiday Story".

Nominated for the 2006 Booties, "Favourite Pre-Esteemsters" and "Favourite Quinn Story".


Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

Set on Memorial Day in Highland, Texas, the Morgendorffer family is at a barbeque hosted by Helen's boss. Uncomfortable with the company, Jake chooses to entertain his young daughters, Quinn (age 5) and Daria (age 7) instead of mingling with the adults. With Daria's help, Jake spins an off-the-cuff fantasy story about princesses to entertain Quinn. Once back home Jake ignores his wife's admonishment he didn't network during the party, knowing his bonding with his daughters was far more important.

The last paragraph shows Daria holding her first published book- a variation of the story she and her father had told to Quinn all those years ago. The dedication reveals she too, holds the memory of that day very dear.

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