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NeonHomer is a relatively new author, writing the AU fic Double Down, and the Star Trek/Daria crossover fic All Points. He has been a member of PPMB since November, 2011.

Biographical Details[edit]

NeonHomer resides on the east coast of Florida, USA. He lived in a few different places in Florida, as his father worked in bridge construction. Every 30 months or so, he was changing schools. When his father was involved in a construction accident in 1992, they had settled on the east coast, just north of Cape Canaveral.

High School[edit]

"When I was in high school, I *was* Daria, and this was before Daria was on the air. I was sarcastic, cynical, and a loner." He attended high school only because he had to. He preferred his computer and science classes, but could tolerate Language Arts classes, as it he liked to write. He used to write short stories based in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe, having read a plethora of ST:TNG books, it was a subject he could easily write about and adjust to put himself into or integrate fellow student into the storylines. In fact, in a short story he had to write for a remedial (read: Summer School) English class, he was told "I don't know if you copied this from a book, or if you wrote this yourself." This was later revealed to be said in jest by the teacher. It wasn't enough to hold his interest, though. He was failing classes, but he would pass all of his tests and exams with A's & B's. Fed up, he left high school in his junior year. However, he knew he needed a diploma, so he went to the local community college and took the test for his GED. He scored very high on the test, and received his GED in January of 1997. In March of 1997, he discovered the Daria (TV series), never missing an episode. He saw a lot of himself in her.


From this point, he didn't know what to do with his life. He did a few jobs here and there, but eventually decided to enlist in the US Navy. He left for RTC Great Lakes in December of 2000. He was only there for a few weeks, until the Navy sent him home on a medical discharge based on cartilage damage to his ankles. His time away caused him to lose touch with Daria. However, a familiar face and melody would run though his head... "La la la la la..."

NeonHomer tried other jobs and professions. Over the road truck driving, newspaper delivery, retail sales, and Internet Tech Support were all on the list. Fed up, he decided to go back to school, and go after an Associate of Science degree in Computer Engineering. However, life intervened, and he welcomed his first son into the world. Unable to maintain his school schedule, and his family, he left school. He welcomed his second son into the world in 2004.

After a few years, NeonHomer decided to go back to work, and he landed into a job doing performance testing of commercial HVAC systems. He did this for a few years, until the economy smacked him down. He was laid off in December of 2010.

He looked for jobs high and low, but didn't find anything until June of 2011, where he went to work for another company, again doing performance testing of HVAC systems. This job only lasted a few months, and again he found himself unemployed.

She's Back[edit]

On the market for a job again, he applied and hunted, but found nothing. One day, he was flipping channels and saw that Beavis and Butt-head were coming back on the air. All of a sudden, he remembered the familiar face and tune... He did some digging, and found the DVD series of Daria was on the market. He bought it as soon as he could. Daria was back for him. He also bought The Daria Diaries and The Daria Database.

He started thinking about writing again. This time, instead of Star Trek fanfic, he wanted to do a Daria fic. He started reading some of the fics that were out there. After a month of reading, he registered at PPMB and after a few questions, he submitted his first fic.

In December of 2011, NeonHomer landed a job with a Energy Management company as a controls technician/programmer. He does some graphical programming for GUI based control systems, and sometimes, influences of Daria shows up in his work. Like using Daria's "EEP!" as a alarm warning. He even built a "station" (graphical front end) based on Lawndale High in Tridium's Niagara AX.

Outpost Daria Reborn[edit]

In June of 2013, probably the biggest and best Daria based fan site, Outpost Daria, went down for the final time. Martin J. Pollard had stated in 2007 that he was no longer going to update the site, and the site went dark on June 4th.

Saddened by the loss of a good "go to" site for Daria information, fan fiction, and artwork, NeonHomer started to think about bringing back the Outpost. A plan was hatched on July 30th, 2013, to bring the site back. Site names were bounced around, plus procedures and such. After some time away (work always seems to get into the way), a new name was hatched... Outpost Daria Reborn. The site went live June 20th, 2014, with the original copy of Outpost Daria as a place holder (with some indication of new ownership). The site will slowly be updated and transformed as time allows and the new information comes in.


NeonHomer is a relatively new author in the Daria universe, only authoring a few stories.

Double Down - Still in progress

All Points (Star Trek:TNG/Daria crossover) - On hold

Iron Chef: There can be only ONE..., The Unusual Suitor - Completed

Return to Highland - A new fic started in May 2012.


NeonHomer is not an artist. He can't even draw a straight line. However, he has created a few avatars for users of PPMB using Paint Shop Pro 9 and screen captures from the Daria DVD collection.