Operation Silver Shield

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Operation Silver Shield is the title for the metahuman-oriented relief operations carried out by the United States Special Powers Command in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and following the events of Revelation Day. Operation Silver Shield was a direct response by the Trump Administration to the revelation of the members of National Legion Chapter Number One possessing metahuman powers, and using them to provide humanitarian aid in the devastated U.S. territory. Not wanting to be seen as weak or overshadowed in the media by the Legion's activities, President Trump made the decision to declassify the Bowman Acts and expose the truth of metahumans, cutting-edge technology and other capabilities possessed by the United States in an effort to 'reclaim the spotlight'.

President Trump made a second trip to Puerto Rico days before he authorized Operation Pacific Rim - the combat drop of SPC mecha (primarily Spectre-class mecha) into Puerto Rico as a show of force and to shore up security details across the island. The U.S. Congress (in what was seen as an unusual display of bipartisanship) authorized a one-time exception to the Posse Comitatus Act in order to allow the SPC to operate with police powers in Puerto Rico.

The primary staging base for the operation was from Tolnai Air Force Base (which also served as a major SPC training base). Partly as a result of SPC personnel using Tolnai as a primary base, the members of the Legion relocated to the facility designated Camp Legion.

Operation Silver Shield was notable in that cadets from the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies and trainees from the United States Special Studies Center were personally chosen by President Trump for special activation and deployment to the region. (It was widely reported afterwards in the media (due to leaks from within the White House) that the President had personally received hastily-constructed folders of headshots of SPC personnel between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three (who were of a level of physical attractiveness deemed 'camera-ready' by POTUS) and hand-picked by him to deploy as part of the efforts in the region. In addition, all SPC officers who were sent to Puerto Rico were also reportedly selected personally by POTUS due to what he has repeatedly referred to as 'Central Casting'. These reports were denied by the Administration.)

It was during the period of Operation Silver Shield that The Arrival took place.

Operation Silver Shield was deemed a success five weeks after the first SPC troops arrived in Puerto Rico. The grand majority of SPC personnel were withdrawn over the next two weeks; however, the primary contingent of regular and metahuman forces stationed at Tolnai were permanently increased by significant levels.