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"Scarlett" is a long serial fanfic by The Angst Guy about the fantastic adventures of certain background characters on the Daria show, particularly a girl with long red hair who appears in the first episode of the show, "Esteemsters," all the way through to the final movie, Is It College Yet? For fanfic purposes, this girl was named Scarlett, after the online screen name of a member of the IUF.

"Scarlett" is notable for having illustrations on HTML pages, most of them modified screen captures from the Daria show.

Winner of "Favourite Use of a Background Character From the Show" story in the 1st Daria Fanworks Awards.

Ever since, the name "Scarlett" has stuck and she's become a prominent fandom character.


Many of the characters in "Scarlett" are named for fans and fanfic writers within the Daria fandom community, especially members of the notorious IUF, the Infamous Unserious Five whose numbers grew to somewhat greater than five.

In "Scarlett," Daria and Jane never once catch on to the wild happenings taking place behind the scenes of the televised episodes, nor do they suspect that some of the episodes of Sick, Sad World that they enjoy are either factual or based on their classmates' adventures.

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