Seven Days

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Author: E. A. Smith


Jane Lane discovers the cursed videotape of Samara Morgan, which Wind left behind in his room. After watching the video and becoming artistically inspired by it, she in turn shows it to Daria Morgendorffer, who is baffled by its bizarre imagery but is at first otherwise unaffected. Before long, the two begin to experience the more disturbing aftereffects of the videotape, and they begin a quest to find Wind to ask him about the origin and meaning of the tape before their seven days runs out. As they search, Samara's haunting becomes worse, interfering with Jane's artistic abilities and inducing hallucinations and physical affects on both Daria and Jane. In the end, after learning the end result of viewing the tape and their only means of escape, the two must make a difficult choice that could lead to their deaths.

Thematically, the fic examines Daria's and Jane's respective beliefs regarding the supernatural and death, as well as Jane's relationship to her art.

"Seven Days" is a crossover with the movie The Ring.


"Seven Days" was nominated for two Daria FanWorks Awards for 2005: "Favorite Jane Story" and "Favorite Supernatural or Fantasy Horror".


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