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Slobbergoat is (strangely enough) a Daria fan. Besides this shocking revelation, Slobbergoat also sometimes administrates the Lawndale Online interweb site, posts an occasional inane fakepost on the PPMB, and stockpiles weaponry for the rapture.

Having recently finished the Prototype PHP code for vaguely popular Daria fansite Lawndale Online, Slobbergoat is now working on the post-beta revamp, which will hopefully bring the site's userbase up into the sixes!

Slobbergoat's real skill lies in their complete and total inability to act in any way that'd be considered socially normal, a painful hatred of nearly any 'modern' television, books or other forms of media, and an unbreakable feeling that they are always right. Due to these traits, Slobbergoat tends to exhibit the Daria-like ability of alienating practically everybody they meet - a useful skill that often leads them on fabulous adventures through space and time.

Slobbergoat's hobbies include sleeping, dreaming, snoring, lying in a comatose state, and hibernating. As a kind of "reverse tyler-durden", Slobbergoat is able to fall asleep in almost any situation and generally only stays awake at most an hour a day.