The Stop 'N Spend is a convenience store in Lawndale that appears in the story On Guard by Kemical Reaxion. Daria goes there with James Crumwall to get a soda during her day as a crossing guard. The convenience store is on the corner of Ridgeway and 4th, across the street from where Daria and James are working. The store is also across from an old, run-down bike shop and is located a few blocks east of Lawndale Elementary school.

The Stop 'N Spend is owned by Upchuck's father. Upchuck is forced to work there for a day after his father insists that the store's female manager be his son's mentor for Career Observance Day. The store sells typical convenience store items like soda and cigarettes. The cigarettes are located behind the counter and there is a display of dirty magazines next to the register. There is also a rather large display of snack cakes near the front of the store, almost large enough for a person to hide behind.